Lake Muck Removal


Cut the price in about half. Split the cost with your next door neighbors. If you have weeds, they probably do too.

There are two types of muck removal (or “dredging”) methods:

1) Suction Dredging

This muck removal process is simple, clean and does not involve heavy machinery. No massive bulldozers or excavators rumbling through your yard. It is minimally invasive, yet effective.

lake and pond dredging

Aquatic Weed Control removes muck with a powerful vacuum system. Our specialized pumps are attached to a system of hoses that are operated by certified divers. We pull muck through the pipes and pump it to an appropriate disposal site. An agricultural field, a woods, or other open area might make a good disposal site, and might even benefit  from the nutrients found in muck. We can evaluate a disposal site and make any necessary permitting arrangements with local agencies.

Don’t have a disposal site near the pond?
We can pump sediment for thousands of feet if needed.

Need to cross a road to get to a disposal site?
We can do that too.

No good disposal site at all?
No problem. We can pump into a specialized bag that separates the muck from clean water. The muck can then be hauled away.


2) Hydraulic Dredging

For those extra tough sediment deposits, you need an extra tough piece of equipment.

Introducing………….The Dino!

pond and lake sediment remover dino

The Dino has a heavy duty cutting head to loosen even the toughest sediment deposits. It is ideally suited for loosening hard packed sediment deposits. Even gravel and small rocks can be broken loose by the Dino’s cutting teeth and pumped out of the pond or lake.

It’s great for locations where a stream or river flows into a lake or pond and the larger, heavier sediment falls out and builds up.

The Dino is powerful, but is also much more portable than many hydraulic dredges. It can be towed with a 3/4 ton truck and backed right into your pond or lake. We don’t need to bring a crane just to get the barge to the water, which gives us tremendous access capabilities, especially in smaller ponds.

After the Dino breaks the hard sediment loose, it is removed from the pond with a large hose and pump system, very similarly to our suction dredging process. This provides us with a wide variety of disposal options for the sediment.

Main Area Served


South Bend, Fort Wayne, Crown Point, Valparaiso, Wabash, Plymouth, Angola, Coldwater, MI, Berrien Springs, MI.