Pond Management Done Right

Our Pond Management Promise
Your pond will be gleaming within 14 to 60 days and we'll keep it beautiful all season. - Jim Donahoe, Owner



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Complete weed and algae control from spring to fall
Handled for you, like it’s our own pond
Safe for kids, the environment and ecosystem
We treat you like we want to be treated
Keeping ponds gleaming since 1983
Licensed and insured pond management
Ponds of all sizes

Our¬†“clean pond management contracts” include¬†regular inspections to provide preventative treatment. We also offer “per application” contracts.

All chemicals are registered by the state of Indiana and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Call us at (574) 533-2597 or submit the form to schedule a Free Pond Management Assessment. Get sound advice and answers to your questions. Call before April 30th to get scheduled before the rush and stop weeds & algae before they start.

Questions & Answers
Can our kids swim in the water after you treat it?

Yes, it is safe for your kids to swim in the water after we treat it. Our treatments are also safe for the ecosystem of your pond.

Do you know what you are doing?

Absolutely. We have been treating ponds since 1983.

Do you also stock fish and put in aeration systems?

Yes and Yes. See these pages for information:

Are the pond management treatments safe for the fish?

Yes, our treatments are eco-friendly and will not harm your fish.

Can I still use the pond water for irrigation after your treatments?

Yes, our treatments are totally safe for the environment, your garden and your crops.

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